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Some of you may have noticed that we’ve gone “quiet” on social media for a few months. We’re back now, and I’m happy to share we’ve found a home for our brewery and tasting room! We have just signed on a ~16k sq ft building, on 7.3 acres of land in Nashville, Tennessee! (7300 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209) In this building we can really focus on not only hosting you and sharing great beer, but on really expanding and improving our lineup.

You might also know that this site search has been a long process, we’re still a small company (but more than doubling every year) and I’ve been committed for a long time to doing this – and doing it right. When I started TailGate Beer in 2007, the craft beer industry wasn’t anything like it is today. I wasn’t sure then that we’d ever have a tasting room. As the industry has evolved, so have our goals as a company. The one constant, is excellent craft beer.

Last year we distributed beer across 14 states. Now, we even export internationally. This level of distribution and support is absolutely staggering for me. With this former Moose Lodge to make into our home, it will be a long project. Fortunately, we can do a lot of it with you. Our goal is to open up the outdoors as a craft beer hall, picnic, tailgate and event space as soon as possible. We’re converting what once was baseball diamond into an acoustic-music-only, outdoor concert venue. We’ll be gardening hops and working with local artists on murals in and around the property.

Our primary focus is brewing. Duh, right? Here we’ll expand on small batch, experimental brewing. We’ll hire a local brewmaster to replace me, and he or she will have carte blanche. Brew what you want. Experiment. Grow. Create. We’ll be using small brew tanks, but lots of fermenters. The idea is constant flux. Always brewing something new. We’ll continue canning through our partner relationship with Minhas Craft Brewery in Wisconsin. We hope to expand those national, canned releases based on the developmental brewing happening right here in Nashville. Last year our small batch program developed an 8% Pumpkin Ale, 12% Coffee Stout, 11% Bourbon Stout, a Grapefruite Pale Ale at 9% and so many more. I hope that the new brewmaster in Nashville laughs at all that and really pushes the creative envelope.

With the amazing growth in the Nashville craft beer community, we’re excited to join the fun! As a fan of the beer in town from breweries like Blackstone, Yazoo and Jackalope to all the new faces like Tennessee Brew Works and Black Abbey – I hope we can add to community in our own way and follow in the very impressive footsteps already being made. I’m looking forward to joining the local brewers guild and participating in the community any way possible. I’m most hopeful that we can do some local collaboration brews and learn from everyone already here.

We’re currently operating out of (what’s now) a temporary location in Metrocenter in Nashville. And we are ecstatic to have partnered with Ajax Turner Distributing in Nashville and L&H out of Tullahoma. We’ll be rolling out distribution across the rest of the state over the next couple months. With 6 packs already on the shelf, and kegs hitting bars and restaurants, you can grab a 6er today! In Nashville check out Frugal McDougal’s, Midtown, Filling Station locations and Mapco stores. More to come soon!

Lastly, with so much more news and announcements to share, I’ll say this: I’ve always looked at the beer industry a little different. I admire companies like Sierra Nevada and New Glarus Brewing and aspire to their quality. That said, some of my strongest inspiration comes from companies like Costco, In n Out, Southwest, Starbucks, Google and Apple. Every employee will earn a living wage. We at TailGate Beer live a culture of community and family. With the amount of hiring we expect to do over the next 12 months, I’m most excited to meet our new family.

Thank you to everyone who makes this ride and journey possible. Keep grabbing those 6 packs, and come see us real soon. We hope to be able to open the picnic grounds in August.


- Wesley Keegan


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